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How to Choose a Multi-functional Relay

This is a device designed to control electrical circuits of varying complexity. It is one of the key parts in automation and process control devices. It is capable of performing various functions, such as circuit switching, signal conversion, overload and short circuit protection.Universal

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Universal relay is the most common industrial electromechanical relays. They differ in the most similar case to each other, approximately the same size with the same pin arrangement. They are available for 2, 3 and 4 contacts, most often 4PC (universal changeover). Relay terminals from different manufacturers are identical and often suitable for sockets from another manufacturer. The relays in the universal housing are as interchangeable as possible.

What to pay attention to when choosing a relay

  • Switching current: indicates the maximum allowable current that can flow through the relay contacts. This parameter determines how much load the relay can control.
  • Switching voltage: indicates the maximum allowable voltage at which the relay can operate reliably. This parameter determines which voltage can be connected to the relay contacts.
  • Switching frequency: indicates how often the relay can perform on and off operations. This parameter may be important if you need a quick response to a signal change.
  • Switching time: Shows how fast the relay switches the state of the contacts when the control signal changes. This parameter may be important if precise and fast control of electrical devices is required.
  • Number of contacts: Indicates how many independent contacts the relay has. The number of contacts may vary depending on the specific model and purpose of the relay. The most common options are one or two contacts.
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The universal relay is widely used in various fields, including automotive and industrial industries, energy, construction and home electronics. Due to its basic characteristics and simple operating principle, it is used to automate various electrical systems and ensure reliable and safe operation of devices.

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